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Geejam Studios is one of the leading residential recording complexes in the Caribbean. As part of the Geejam Collection in Portland, Jamaica, the property features three Deluxe Cabins, one Suite, a self-contained Villa, a state-of-the-art Recording Complex, a Gym, Spa, Swimming Pool (Sanwood only) and a Jamaican-Asian fusion restaurant and bar called the Bushbar. Lusciously tropical and comfortably chic, Geejam achieves a stylish equilibrium between ultra modern technology and the intrinsic grace of its island surrounds. Having catered to the music industry for over 10 years, Geejam offers a showcase suite and customizable workspaces all housed on one property. Record an album, rent out a studio – or the entire property – or retreat into your own creative mindspace. Geejam’s ongoing mission is to develop a unique haven for an 'in the know collective' of like-minded world citizens.