Geejam Studios is a state-of-the-art residential recording complex located on the lush northeastern coast of Port Antonio, Jamaica. Founded in 2000 by music industry veteran Jon Baker of Gee Street Records, our identity is a direct extension of the artists we work with, our incredibly talented production team and our authentic island surrounds. As a haven for creativity, the vibe at the studio is an ideal environment for inspired projects, which demand nothing less than the highest standards in recording and sound quality.

Music is at the core of our 'being' and whether it’s your passion, your profession or simply a personal curiosity, you’ll be treated to a uniquely creative experience. Our showcase suite and customizable workspaces feature first-in-class equipment to guarantee exceptional recordings, while our production team ensures that all aspects of the studio session run smoothly from start to finish.

Geejam, San San, Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica
Telephone: Toll-Free 1-888 443 3526 (USA & Canada)
or +1-876 993 7000 (all other countries)
Fax: +1-876 993 7156